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About G

My name is Gilbert Barouki and I am an exercise and nutrition enthusiast and professional.


My journey with fitness started when I was only 15 years young.


I was young, lazy, wasn’t bothered to do any type of activity, ate whatever I felt like and skipped most school days to sit at home and play online games.


Of course with my horrendous lifestyle, my body and mental state were in a downward spiral, I felt horrible and one day I decided it was time to make a serious change.


Of course, like most people, my initial drive to start working out and eating healthy was to LOOK better. (I then fell in love with performance and how exercise and eating clean made me FEEL.)


I first started by jogging on a treadmill at home every other day, and having tuna salads for dinner, of course I had no idea how the body really worked and the importance of going to the gym and lifting weights, but it helped.


A few months in, I lost 10kgs, but I felt weak and skinny, and that’s when I decided to join a gym.


All I can say, there was no turning back ever since.


I’ve spent thousands of hours researching, watching, reading, learning, studying and collecting training, nutrition and fitness certificates and qualifications.


I’ve tried and experimented every training type/plan/routine and diet you can think of.


I’ve been through it all.


For the past 10 years, I’ve been very blessed to do what I absolutely love and do best, which is to help people get in the best shape of their life physically, and more importantly mentally.


I’ve helped hundreds of people (in-person and online) transform their lives, bodies and states of mind to the better.


And today, I want to help YOU.


If you’re a beginner, amateur or advanced, I got you.


If you’re looking to build muscle, burn fat, get toned, become stronger healthier and fitter than ever, I got you.


If you’re simply just interested in keeping active, in good shape and maintain a healthy lifestyle, I got you.


Wherever you are, whatever your goals are, I got you.


If you want me to help you,



See you on the other side!

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