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Before we get started:

I would like to first and foremost state that you are here for a reason, to become a better YOU, and I am here to absolutely help you achieve that.


Even though you cannot arrive at your DESTINATION this very moment, you can surely change your DIRECTION this very moment (exactly what you’re doing, and you should be proud of yourself for taking that first step).


BUT, for this to work, it will require daily discipline and commitment to the plan from your side.


This is not a temporary, couple of weeks thing, this is a LIFESTYLE change.


If you’re not serious about change, please do not waste your time and money.


If you ARE serious about change, and you ARE willing to commit and become happier and more comfortable in your own skin than you’ve ever been, let’s do this.

How the plan works:

  • Firstly, you will fill a well-constructed and detailed questionnaire where I will receive absolutely all the information I require to know about you to be able to build a program that suits your body type, fitness level, goals, conditions and life.


  • After submitting the questionnaire and completing the subscription, you will be granted access to the pages available in the "MEMBERS ONLY" tab.


  • You will be granted access to a full exercise video library (600+ videos), where I demonstrate how to perform all exercises with correct form. You will be able to simply search and watch any exercise included in your plan that you might need help with.


  • You will also be granted access to a general nutrition guide where I will teach you everything you need to know about proper nutrition, and you will be able to use that knowledge and implement into your daily life.

  • You will also be granted access to a weekly check-in form that you will need to fill in and submit at the end of every training week. This is highly beneficial as it will help you stay disciplined and accountable, keep track of your progress, as well as allow you to give any feedback/comments you might have which I can use to do adjustments to your program.

  • Every Saturday, your training plan for the upcoming week will be sent to you via email as a pdf, where all the workouts will be scheduled in COMPLETE DETAIL for the entire week.

*Note: All my training programs require a gym.*


  • If you need any help or have any questions throughout the week, you can email me or contact me directly through WhatsApp at any time and I will get back to you the soonest I can.


  • The subscription fee is €18 per week. You will be charged upon subscription and then every Saturday weekly starting from the end of your first week of training. Your first training week will begin either next Monday or the Monday after depending on what day of the week you are subscribing. Shortly after subscription is completed I will directly contact you to confirm your starting date.

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